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You know I feel it in my heartbeat


Hmm. What is this.. my fifth journal? As you can see I'm a bit indecisive. After awhile, I need a change. My bedroom furniture gets moved around every few months. My livejournal gets a makeover every once in awhile.

I like order and organization. Things sorted by color, size, or alphabetical order. I love making lists. Post-it notes, highlighters, and colored pens, are my favorites. But I don't have OCD. My room is usually cluttered.

I love celebrity gossip. I lurk ONTD pretty much everyday. I am a TV guide. I pretty much watch everything. Right now I watch: House, Bones, Gossip Girl, Medium, Lost, Superantural, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Ugly Betty, and much more. I also spend my time catching up on shows through my DVR or the internet. I'm also addicted to my ipod; I listen to everything. Country to Rock to Rap to Arabic.

I'm also kind of a nerd. I also graphic design for fun. I have two websites and I own my own domain. I actually like learning. I'm a tentative English or Graphic Design major. I like journalism and writing articles that reflect my thoughts and opinions and writing short stories.

I don't know if this really accurately reflects me, but I guess that's me in a nutshell?